Stay safe and we'll see you soon

Dear Member,

We are living in the most extraordinary and extremely worrying times as a result of the worldwide spread of the coronavirus Covid-19.  Following the Prime Minister’s statement last night, with the exception of those involved in essential work and business, everyone will be living in either self-isolation or in very tight social distancing conditions.  We will be expected to remain at home at all times, except for accessing essential supplies, medical care or daily exercise. 

These new restrictions will be quite difficult for some, especially those who may be living alone or those perhaps who may have health worries.    If you are able to lend an ear for others it might be extremely kind and very helpful. A telephone call can be very comforting.

The office will remain open (virtually from home) as always, so please do get in touch if you need to:

We will be continuing with our regular updates.

Please do look after yourselves through these troubling times and may you stay safe and keep well. We look forward very much to meeting again in the future, when the worst of this terrible situation is over.

Meanwhile, the very best of good wishes to you all.

Kind regards,

Richard Wheeler