Calling for Fair Fuel

Scott Mann and 50 other MPs call for fuel duty cut and new watchdog to police pricing at the pump

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall and 50 other MPs are calling on Chancellor Philip Hammond to cut fuel duty in this year’s Autumn Statement to deliver a boost to motorists, working families and businesses.

The group of MPs are also urging the Chancellor to set up a powerful PumpWatch watchdog to stop motorists getting ripped off at the forecourt by big oil companies.

Scott is among more than 50 MPs who have signed a letter to Mr Hammond, urging him to help hard-pressed families and small businesses in places like North Cornwall.

Scott Mann said: 

“I’m backing this letter as cutting fuel duty would be a huge boost to drivers in North Cornwall – and of massive benefit to local businesses.”

Scott and fellow MPs are also urging motorists to sign a Parliamentary ePetition to get a debate in the House of Commons on creating PumpWatch. The new watchdog would ensure motorists in North Cornwall could see who their money is going to when they fill up.

Scott Mann added: 

“When prices rise at the pump, it’s hard-working families and businesses that are hit hardest, and that’s why a cut in fuel duty will be of great help to them as well as the economy nationwide.

“I’m also urging the Chancellor to set up a new PumpWatch body which would police the price of petrol and diesel to make sure motorists aren’t ripped off and that they get a fair deal.”

Charlie Elphicke, MP for Dover who leads the FairFuel All Party Parliamentary Group, said:

“The fuel duty freeze has been of real benefit to the UK economy. But it’s clear that cutting fuel duty would be an even bigger boost to hard- working families and small businesses.

“We must build a Brexit Britain that works for every family, every small firm and every driver. A Britain that works for everyone must include a fair deal on fuel prices.”


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