Conservative Policy Forum meeting

Tuesday, 8th October 2019


Conservative Policy Forum meeting to consider “Values-Based Policy Making” on Tuesday 8th October, 7pm, Wadebridge Conservative Club.

After the 2017 general election the CPF led a Party-wide consultation into Conservative values. Members are being asked to reflect once again on who we are as a Party and how our values should be reflected in the policies we seek to champion and implement. 
The discussion evening will break free of the usual constraints of a defined policy area and questions, and invite Party supporters to suggest policy ideas for any sphere of how we organise ourselves as a society.  This opportunity to put forward ideas for possible inclusion in the next Manifesto is of course particularly timely!
As members of the Conservative and Unionist Party we are united by our core values of Freedom, Responsibility, and Enterprise, and on 8th October we will discuss various aspects of each core value, thinking about and proposing new policies that we would like to see become Party and Government policy.
You can download the discussion document as a Word or PDF document via this link:
Do please come along: whatever happens in the coming days and weeks, wherever you stand on Brexit and however you feel about the Prime Minister, development of Conservative Party policy matters.
And finally, an advance notice: it is intended the final CPF of 2019 will be held on Tuesday 3rd December in Camelford (TBC), to discuss “Under-18s Education”.
With regards,
 John Russell
NCCA CPF Coordinator