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Conservative Police Commissioner Primaries

Devon and Cornwall Conservatives have selected their three candidates who will contest the selection of the Conservative candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November, at three Primaries across the area.  The three candidates are Paul Biddle, Alison Hernandez and Tony Hogg.

Government listens over Pasty Tax consultation

Upon the Government announcement that Pasty Tax would not cover pasties which were freshly cooked, ie still hot, would not be charged VAT Cornwall’s Conservative MPs welcomed the news saying:  George Eustice MP said, “This announcement is fantastic news for the Cornish pasty industry and effectively means that, provided no attempt is made to keep pasties hot after they have been cooked, they will remain exempt from VAT. Many people are sceptical about government consultations but this shows that George Osborne and the Treasury have listened carefully to concerns raised and made improvements to their original proposal. They deserve credit for that.”  Sheryll Murray MP, said, “I am so pleased we have a government that listens. I told the government that I didn’t want to see an army of thermometer wielding tax inspectors poking our pasties and that I was really concerned about the vagaries of ambient temperature. They listened. I constantly get people into my surgery and when I say there is a consultation they always turn around and say they won’t listen. This proves them wrong. Anyone who criticises the fact that the government has changed its opinion clearly does not want government that will listen to the people.”  Sarah Newton MP said, “Straight after the Budget I got in touch with David Gauke MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, and told him how this was going to effect Cornish bakers. In my discussions we agreed that a common sense solution must be found and felt assured that this was always going to be sorted.”

Widest possible consultation on “Pasty tax” called for

All three Conservative MPs in Cornwall, George Eustice, Sheryll Murray and Sarah Newton, have called for all Cornish people to respond to the formal Consultation on the HMRC website describing it as “the most positive way in which Cornish people and businesses can make their voice heard”.  Sarah Newton, MP for Truro & Falmouth, has already held the Government to account by asking in the House of Commons chamber, “Creative industries are vital to Cornwall, but so is creating high-quality food products. There is growing concern throughout Cornwall about the possible unintended consequences of the Budget and about the undoubtedly real threat to the Cornish pasty of the pasty tax.”  Sheryll Murray, MP for South East Cornwall, has written to the Chancellor pointing out the damage this tax may do, penalising freshness in the tax system, and the anomalies in trying to enforce it.  In her letter she asks, “Who is going to monitor the ambient against pasty temperature?  Surely the last thing we need is to employ an army of thermometer wielding tax inspectors poking our pasties to see if they have cooled enough?  What is going to be the difference allowable from ambient temperature?  If a pasty is sitting in a window and the sun is shining then is this pasty VATable?  If a pasty is sold cold but an oven is made available to customers, is this then VATable?  Would it be VATable if a charge was made for the use of the oven?”  In her letter she describes the tax as “ill thought out”.  George Eustice, MP for Camborne Redruth, is joining Sarah and Sheryll in the call to ensure the strongest possible voice comes from Cornwall over the Pasty tax.  In a statement he said, “The Pasty is a huge industry in Cornwall enjoyed by people every day and we need the largest number possible from Cornwall to respond to this consultation.” 

4.4% swing to Conservatives in Bude North and Stratton By-election

Liberal Democrats saw their majority in the Bude North and Stratton by-election plummet by almost 400 votes following a 4.4% swing to the Conservatives.

Conservative Party Agent Bob Davidson said, "Whilst we are obviously disappointed that we missed on this opportunity to represent the people of Bude North and Stratton the party will continue to do its utmost to continue to win over more and more voters through hard work and by getting the best for the area. We would like to thank all those who supported Trevor by canvassing, delivering and by voting for him."

Full result: LibDem HOLD Bude North & Stratton: LD 958, Con 395, Lab 120, Ind 93. Swing LD>Conservatives from '09: 4.4%.

Cornish MP Sarah Newton welcomed by North Cornwall Conservatives

St Breward Branch of the North Cornwall Conservative Association held a most successful Summer Drinks Party at Lower Hamatethy, home of Hon Sec Mrs Yo Hall. The gardens were looking stunning and despite the less than perfect weather many guests enjoyed exploring as well as sampling the delicious canapés and bubbly. Sarah Newton, MP for Truro ad Falmouth spoke briefly on the activities of the current coalition government and then answered some challenging questions. Branch President John Alford thanked both the organising team and hostess and the speaker for her attendance. She then drew the raffle and later stayed for a private supper with the Branch Committee members.

North Cornwall Conservatives and NO to AV

North Cornwall Conservatives at a recent meeting showed their support for the No Campaign.   It has become clear that AV is the wrong voting system for Britain.  AV is an unfair, expensive and discredited voting system, that allows the candidate who comes third to win elections. 

North Cornwall launches new website

Thank you for your support at the last election. Because of you, David Cameron is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the Government’s plans to build a strong economy and a big society are in full swing. Now, to help us communicate with you, we've launched this new local website.