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Excess Winter Deaths

 The Office for National Statistics have reported that there has been an increase in Excess Winter Deaths 

Scott Mann

My name is Scott Mann I am a postman and Cornwall Councillor in Wadebridge and in January I was selected to be the Prospective Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the 2015 general election. I'm 36 years old, I'm married and have a nine year old daughter. I live in affordable housing in Wadebridge. I am proud to have been born in Cornwall and delighted to have been selected to run for parliament in the area I was born and raised. I am not a career politician, I have worked two jobs since the age of 17 and I understand how difficult it can be trying to raise a family and pay a mortgage in Cornwall.

Local Election Manifesto launched

On Thursday Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps launched the Conservative Manifesto which the over 100 Conservative Candidates are backing.

Council tax freeze means extra £5million for Cornwall

Last Tuesday Conservative Councillors have voted to support a tax freeze at Cornwall Council in line with their group policy.  Conservative Group Leader Fiona Ferguson explained, "We had decided in group that it was a priority to freeze Council tax to protect hard working families in Cornwall from a Council tax hike.  Whilst we submitted a proposal that would have protected front line services it was clear that we just did not have the number of Councillors to get it through.  We were left with two options:  A cabinet proposal to increase Council tax or a Liberal Democrat proposal which froze Council Tax but affected some front line services.  The majority of the Conservative Group backed the Cornish taxpayer and voted for a freeze."

Conservatives say it is 'wrong' to increase Council tax

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council believes it is wrong to be increasing Council Tax for hard pressed Cornish households. As a result we have tabled an amendment to the Budget for 2013/14 that will allow the Council to freeze Council Tax for the coming year.

Scott Mann "delighted" at Conservative Selection

At a meeting of over 100 members in Wadebridge Town Hall, Cllr Scott Mann was selected as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Cornwall. Cllr Mann, the local Councillor for the Wadebridge Division, thanked the members for their support.

Thank you

After his successful campaign to become Police & Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg was looking to get on with his new role.  He took time to thank all his supporters and assured everyone in a pledge of impartiality that he would act fairly to everyone without fear or favour.  This will put him in line with judges and police officers who also swear an oath of impartiality.  The chief constable will remain in operational control of the police.  Click here for the full result.

A branch of Police Cadets in every town

The Conservative candidate to be Devon and Cornwall's first Police and Crime Commissioner has promised to set up a branch of the Police Cadets in every town. The former Naval Commander's number one priority is to cut crime by bringing policing closer to the public and, as part of that he has called for a renewed effort to develop the Police Cadets to give young people a strong sense of social responsibility.